The Company

Lantric Technologies is a distinguished Canadian company with a rich history and specialized expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of electrical replacement parts. Established as a family-owned business in 1986, Lantric has evolved over the years, with the second generation taking the reins in 2006. This transition marked a continued commitment to quality and innovation in our field.

The company stands out as a key manufacturer and distributor of a range of electrical components. Our product line includes essential parts for contactors, starters, overhead cranes, brakes, and switchgear. A notable aspect of Lantric's operations is its ready stock of both bare and tinned copper flat bars and standoff insulators, ensuring swift delivery to meet client demands.

Lantric's extensive inventory is a significant asset, encompassing replacement contact kits and coils compatible with most major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We supply parts for well-known brands such as GE, Joslyn Clark, Westinghouse, and Square D, among others. This wide-ranging inventory underscores our capability to cater to a diverse client base with varied requirements.

Another key feature of Lantric Technologies Inc. is our production facility's capability to manufacture custom-made tinned braided copper shunts and ground bar kits. This facility not only produces custom orders but also offers services to create equivalents of competitor parts based on part numbers or drawings provided by clients. This flexibility and adaptability in manufacturing are crucial in meeting specific client needs.

Maintenance and cost-efficiency are also focal points for Lantric. We offer repair and retipping services for electrical equipment parts, aiding in reducing maintenance costs for their clients. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to extend the lifespan of their electrical systems without incurring the high cost of complete replacements.

Lantric Technologies has developed a unique process known as the Lanalloy process. This innovative technique enhances the longevity of standard replacement contact kits, offering added value to their clients. Lanalloy is a testament to Lantric's commitment to innovation and our pursuit of delivering products that not only meet but exceed industry standards.